About Us

Hi,my name is Anita and I am the owner of Magic Cat Quilt Shop. I have been an avid quilter for over 25 years. I love bright colorful fabrics and the wonderful patterns that make them come alive. Oh, but batiks are my real love - can't get enough of them! I have also found that I love just about every fabric so you will find a broad range of fabrics in my shop. And do I love tools - so if it works, I love it - that's why you will find Deb Tucker's rulers (Studio 180 Designs) in my shop. Need help finding the right project or have quilting questions, please just contact me and I'll help you.

As for Magic, Magic I, he was around - at least as my keeper - for the past 10 years. I lost him to cardiac disease this Spring. He came into my life from a Humane Society in Vermont. He came to our home and never left - just meant to be. He was 16 pounds of long white fur with a completely orange tail and orange markings on his back and head - the image that became our logo. He helped make many quilts - usually lying on the quilt as I was machine quilting.

Before losing my friend Magic, I found a rescue kitty, again at a pet store, who looked like the younger version of Magic. Keegan, or his alias Magic II, had been rescued from a hoarding incident where he had been kept in a crate resulting in a weakening of his hind legs. There were a total of 100 cats found - with only 60 alive. Of course, Keegan came home with me. He was able to spend some time with Magic I before he left and has now come into "his own". He has even started quilting - lying under the machine light and Ottlite - and of course, on the quilt while I am quilting.

Join me in welcoming Magic II and celebrate the wonderful work that rescue organizations do everywhere. So enjoy the pictures of him and his antics. And know that the only reason he has allowed any dog products is because he tolerates - barely - his brother (Herbie,a 60 lb. beagle/bassett) and his sister, (Julie, a little,pudgy beagle).